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Providing Office 365 Migration

As a business, productivity is a core goal that you look towards achieving. While this rested on encouraging the workforce alone, in recent times, technology’s role in increasing productivity has become considerable. Today, business rely on various software to automate various processes and ensure the efficient and timely completion of a task. One such software is Microsoft 365.

It provides a wide range of functionality that ensures that the business process can be seamless and great. However, this is only possible where you implement this technology into your business environment. So, you are most likely wondering how you can get this done. Well, this is where we come in. At Push a Button, we are a team of experts in software implementation. One of our specialities is the Microsoft 365 migration.

As such, we are ready to help your business transcend that stage of limited productivity to increased productivity.

We provide access to Office 365, now known as Microsoft 365. We ensure you enjoy the best opportunity to increase the productivity of your organisation. We provide this cloud solution that ensures that your business can enjoy increased collaboration across various departments.

In turn, we provide an opportunity for your business to experience productivity like never before. You get to work across various devices regardless of your location. In turn, you place your business on a trajectory of growth and expansion.

We offer access to this powerful Office Application that will ensure your business can scale and grow. We customise the best experience that you can imagine. We then provide support services that cut across the following areas:

  • Post-migration support
  • Office 365 training
  • Office 365 consulting
  • Data migration to SharePoint
  • Mailbox migration from your existing email service

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started on your migration to Microsoft 365.

Why You Should Migrate to Microsoft 365

In case you are wondering why you should choose Microsoft 365, then there are loads of benefits that compels you to. Moving to this product, offer access to the products provided by Microsoft Office. These products that you love and rely on include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook. In turn, this ensures that you can perform a wide range of task more easily.

Even more, you enjoy access to a wide range of cloud services. For instance, you get access to OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft SharePoint. These services ensure that you can maximise one platform for the storage, collaboration, and sharing of data. This ensures that your access to data across the organisation is easy and efficient. The seamless experience that you enjoy ensures that you can get work done more conveniently and achieve more.

So, you have no reason to delay. Get ready for a seamless transition through our team. We will help you migrate your historical data to your Office 365. This way, you don’t experience any loss whatsoever. Even more, you can ensure business continuity. You can contact us today to get started.