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Providing Managed Desktop Services

Today, every business relies significantly on technology for business growth and expansion. They achieve this through support from their IT infrastructure. As such, any form of disruption to this infrastructure can result in significant damage to the business.

It affects productivity, increases cost, and can also damage the reputation of the business. This is why bespoke, comprehensive, and effective Managed Desktop Services is important. It allows businesses to plan, implement and support these various technological platforms that they rely on.

Unfortunately, the reality is that many businesses do not possess the relevant internal resources that allow them to support these functions effectively. We recognise that this can be daunting, more so as it is indispensable for the system’s proper functioning. As such, we come in to make things easier.

At Push a Button, one of the services that we offer to our customers is Managed Desktop Services. As such, if you need a partner that you can rely on to deliver on your Managed Desktop Services, then we are the one for you. At Push a Button, we provide unlimited remote, on-site, and phone support for businesses’ desktop environment. We ensure that your IT infrastructure can remain functional and deliver on its promise of business support.

At Push a Button, we ensure that we can reduce the uncertainty, complexity, and cost associated with managing your business desktop fleet through our services. We offer you the relevant information at affordable prices that you need to deliver stability, flexibility, availability, and security on your desktop computing platform.

Through this service, we help you lower your capital expenditure on IT assets. We go even better and ensure that you can fully maximise the returns from your various IT investments. We also ensure that employee productivity is on the rise; we provide access to improved security infrastructure while ensuring your desktop platforms’ agility and flexibility. To achieve this, our services cut across the following areas:

Service Desk

This is the core of our services under this category. We provide access to our highly-trained and highly-equipped Service Desk. Our consultants and technicians have the experience, knowledge, and skills to ensure we can support your desktop technologies. Even better, we deliver industry-specific service as we maintain the best practices within your specific industry.

Software Development

We also assist in the deployment of a wide range of software products like Microsoft Office. We have a team with considerable experience in the safe and secure deployment of applications across your desktop fleet.

Desktop Security Management

We also prioritise your organisation’s security while reducing its exposure to security threats. We engage in proactive deployments that ensure we can mitigate your exposure to a security breach. We detect a potential breach and respond efficiently and timeously to ensure that we can protect your business from loss of data and reduced performance, among others.

You can contact us for more information on our Managed Desktop Services. We look forward to meeting you!