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Answering Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to IT support, you are usually hardly aware of the whole scope of our work. As such, just like others before you, you might have some questions to avoid confusion. At Push a Button, we are committed to offering you clarity. As such, here are answers to some frequently asked questions. This way, you can have a more robust understanding of our services at Push a Button.

Are Your Staff Certified?

If you wonder if our staff are certified, then we are proud to tell you that they are. Our team members are certified across the various IT solutions that we offer. So, you can trust our delivery to be top-notch.

What Are the Industries That You Support?

We work with a wide range of industries. Currently, we pride ourselves on having serviced over a dozen industries. Our industry coverage includes Professional Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Hospitality, Not for Profit, Health, and Hospitality. However, even if your industry doesn’t fall under this category, we can still help you. We have probably already serviced your industry, and where we haven’t, we can adapt to deliver.

Do You Offer Lock in Contracts?

At Push a Button, we don’t offer lock-in contracts. We believe in offering you the freedom to choose from us the next time. We are sure our exceptional service will make you interested in coming back to us. We trust ourselves and our delivery. So, there is no reason to lock you down through a contract. Our services that leave you satisfied and wowed do just that.

What is Virtualisation?

This refers to establishing a virtual version of things—for instance, a server, a network resource, storage devices, or operating systems. In turn, this allows users to interact with these resources – virtual – as if it is a real logical resource. So, virtualisation offers you an opportunity to establish several virtual services on one physical server. This way, you don’t need a physical server for other functions you need to perform.

Do I Need a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Yes, your business needs a disaster recovery plan. In case you still doubt this, all you need to do is consider if your business can survive without its critical applications, operations, and data. The reality is no. As such, you need to know you have a plan in place to recover this data in case a disaster occurs and leaves you hanging.

Don’t forget that hardware and machines can fail. Even more, people sometimes make mistakes thanks to the unpredictable nature of life. However, through all these, your customers expect you to remain operational. As such, you must make provision to ensure that you can survive this through a disaster recovery plan.

What Are the Support Options That I Can Enjoy?

We offer a wide range of support that you can enjoy. We offer on-site support to remote support. We also offer managed support services. We are available for a consultation so you can choose which of the support services best suits you.

There is no doubt that you are possibly left with more questions. However, that isn’t a problem. You can reach out to us today to get clarification on any other questions that you might have. We will be available to respond quickly.