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Cloud Hosting

Taking Your Data to the Cloud

Just like every business, you now recognise the important role that data plays in your business growth and continuity. After all, everyone now agrees that data rules the world. We recognise this, and this is why we offer cloud hosting services.

Our services under this category ensure you don’t have to worry about your business data’s security, accessibility, and scalability. At Push a Button, we maximise a wide range of technologies to ensure that your business data is secure, accessible and scalable.

We recognise that cloud hosting is the future. Under this category, we provide cloud storage and cloud computing services. We ensure that you can enjoy access to the best technology for the processing and security of your data.

As such, we provide access to cloud hosting. We also recognise the wide range of benefits that comes with cloud hosting. For instance, you only pay based on what you have used. So, we encourage you to contact us for your cloud hosting services.

We understand small scale businesses and medium scale businesses might find it impossible to opt for cloud hosting through personal servers. This is thanks to the ongoing cost associated with managing such server firmware and hardware. As such, we maximise our cloud hosting services to ensure that businesses can reduce maintenance cost and initial capital expenditure. This way, financial convenience is guaranteed.

Even more, through our cloud hosting services, we ensure that businesses can enjoy easier access to their data across various departments. We ensure that regardless of their location, employees can access the company’s data securely. This way, we promote operational efficiency in your business. So, we welcome you to talk to us. We want to know the current status of your information system. This way, we can redeploy new technologies for the benefit of your company.

Our goal is to ensure that you can enjoy the benefits associated with the use of cloud hosting. We ensure that you don’t have to worry about the capital expenditure associated with alternatives. You also enjoy less cost of maintenance that ensures you have less to worry about. You also enjoy the ease of access to data regardless of your location.

What Do We Offer?

Under this category, we offer a wide range of cloud services. They include:

  • Offsite Cloud Backups
  • Microsoft Office 365 Migration and Subscriptions
  • Hosted VOIP solutions
  • Hosted Virtual Servers and Workstations
  • Hosted Enterprise Anti-Virus Solutions and Anti-Spam for Emails
  • Bundled Packages Catered to your Business and Cloud Needs

Our cloud hosting services are effective and customisable. Regardless of your industry, we are available to transform your IT infrastructure through cloud hosting. This way, you can enjoy more efficient use of data. Even more, you can remain assured that your data use is secure.

If you are looking to enjoy our Cloud Hosting services, you can contact us today to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!