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We Are Committed to Providing Industry-Leading Business IT Support in Sydney.

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Wide Range of It Support

We recognise the wide range of IT support that they need to be on track to realise their growth ambitions. As such, we provide easy access to a wide range of products and services that they can maximise.

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Our services cut across the following.

On-Site IT Support

You are most likely using one or two if not three technological tools in your business. However, what happens when you have a challenge with them? How do you handle these various challenges that may arise concerning your IT tools? This is where we come in at Push a Button. We provide business IT support to your business. One way through which we achieve this is through our on-site IT support.

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Remote IT Support

Due to the circumstances’ peculiarity, waiting hours to get a technician on-site might be redundant. You’ll need instant expertise.

This is where we come in. At Push a Button, we also provide remote services to help businesses cope with the wide range of IT challenges that they might face. We have a wide range of support packages that allow our team to respond promptly to your issue.

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Cloud Hosting

Just like every business, you now recognise the important role that data plays in your business growth and continuity. After all, everyone now agrees that data rules the world. We recognise this, and this is why we offer cloud hosting services. Our services under this category ensure you don’t have to worry about your business data’s security, accessibility, and scalability. At Push a Button, we maximise a wide range of technologies to ensure that your business data is secure, accessible and scalable.

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Office 365

As a business, productivity is a core goal that you look towards achieving. While this rested on encouraging the workforce alone, in recent times, technology’s role in increasing productivity has become considerable. Today, business rely on various software to automate various processes and ensure the efficient and timely completion of a task. One such software is Microsoft 365. At Push a Button, we are a team of experts in software implementation. One of our specialities is the Microsoft 365 migration.

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Managed Desktop

Many businesses do not possess the relevant internal resources that allow them to support these functions effectively. We recognise that this can be daunting, more so as it is indispensable for the system’s proper functioning. As such, we come in to make things easier. At Push a Button, one of the services that we offer to our customers is Managed Desktop Services. We provide unlimited remote, on-site, and phone support for businesses’ desktop environment.

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Phone Solutions

We are experts when it comes to implementing phone solutions. Our technicians are not only experts, but they also possess considerable experience that allows them to deliver irrespective of your company’s size or needs. As such, you can count on us to get the job done. We achieve this through the industry-leading 3CX.

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